Year: 3rd Year Project.

Duration: 3 weeks.

Brief: To design a car air freshener that can be made by a Canbio V330 injection moulding machine. It must have 3 components and hold a 22 ml gel insert. It can be made with any polymer but must be able to supply an annual market of 600,000 units.

Proposed Solution: As this brief was set to consider the challenges of manufacture, I focused on developing a realistic product that would comply to all injection moulding requirements by utilising software such as CREO Plastic Advisor for simulating mould flow. I also had to apply my understanding of the injection moulding progress and its limitations in order to satisfy the brief.

The design of my Car Air Freshener takes inspiration from (and semantically represents) Audi. Specifically designed for the Audi TT, it is designed to snugly fit inside a cup holder and can be customised with different fragrances and matching vented covers.