Year: 4th Year Project.

Duration: 7 weeks.

Brief: RSA Student Design Awards 2014 - Water for All. Lighten the burden of water collection for women in the developing world. A product/pack design that facilitates water rationing. How might low-income consumers get more out of the little water they have? How might it ease the task of carrying water for particular uses?

Proposed Solution: Contrary to popular belief, head loading is one of the most efficient means of transporting a load via the body, as it forces the weight carried directly down the centre of the spine. By utilising this information, I have designed a frugal, yet functional product that provides a means of distributing the weight across not only the head but the shoulders as well. This provides multiple benefits as it reduces pressure to the cervical vertebrae (which are located in the upper spine, at the neck) and spreads the load more evenly across the upper body.

This product also caters for novice porters who are more vulnerable to neck injury's due to poor posture or spine-rotation movement, by making the balancing element much easier as well as forcing an upright posture with no rotation possibilities. This product can be adjusted to suit a range of shoulder to head heights, and is designed to cater for the 5th to 95th percentiles of African women. It is adjustable by simply cutting away a vertical section of the hooped aluminium rod. More precise tailoring can be done by wrapping cloth around the shoulder pads as well as the hoop which provides a custom fit and more comfortable experience.