Year: 4th Year Project.

Duration: 3 weeks.

Brief: You work for a top design consultancy that has been given the job of redesigning a mini projector for use with tablets and phones.  Your client is a large multinational electronic goods manufacturer. Your job is not to innovate and change the products functionality, but to redesign the form of the product.

This brief also included a client meeting one week into the project and required a short report  giving the calculations used to determine the viability of the design, a break down of moulding costs and details of the injection mould tooling and runner system required to produce the components.

Proposed Solution: My main focus for this project was to design a unique product that would stand out based on its form. By inverting the external 'eye-ball' mechanism used for positioning in many ceiling mounted projectors and using this theory as an internal 'eye' I was able to create an aesthetically pleasing and interesting product unlike any existing mini projectors.

In order to maintain its sleek and simple appearance, I have designed my mini-projector to be fully operational with just three buttons and by integrating internal speakers into both sides of my design, a near 360° sound coverage can be achieved.