Year: 3rd Year Project.

Duration: 5 weeks.

Brief:  To design a piece of outdoor furniture for use by retirees. The exact type of furniture can be decided based on user research. The primary market will be residents of the retirement village themselves although it may be that some retirement village managers purchase your product for their residents.

The design should be:

  • Ergonomically sound.
  • Possible to be carried from the garden back to the home.
  • Safe to use.

This brief incorporated two client meet-up at Lark Hill Retirement Village, The first was to conduct research utilising a variety of methods that included focus groups and a questionnaire. The second was to discuss concept proposals and establish a preferred product.

Proposed Solution: The Windrop is a compact and elegant windbreak, that is durable enough to withstand bad weather but still lightweight and transportable. A baseplate is fixed into the ground that enables the movable fan to be secured. A porous mesh connects the fan-blades and deflects wind-flow to reduce wind-speeds by between 50% over large areas and 80% over localised areas.